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About us.

We at Royal cuisine believe that food is a conversation of life and want to recreate that dialogue through our food. Chef __ have created traditional dishes the way they’re meant to be cooked: with a variety of herbs and spices made in-house while staying true to India.

Come experience the unique culture and cuisine from the heart land of India. In addition to the well-known Indian dishes you are accustomed to, you can savor the cuisines of Punjab, Hyderabad, and a fusion of South Indian and North Indian dishes. Our menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
Our goal is to bring you great Indian food, created with love and prepared with the best possible ingredients.

– Food at Royal Curry is not just eating energy. It’s an experience. 

our team


Chef Jasmer is a passionate Chef who has experience of 15 years in culinary and kitchen. As a chef, he always wanted to have his restaurant where he could showcase his Cooking Skills. He has worked for different restaurants and hotels. 

He seeks out the best ingredients he can find for every dish he cooks—from the salt that he seasons with, to the herbs he uses, to the meat, fish, and produce. You can truly taste the attention and care he puts into his cooking.

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